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在這個為期十週的課程中,我將教你如何從一開始就為自己建立一個成功的音樂教學室和事業。從了解你的教學風格和目標,到建立自己的音樂博客,從制定教學室政策,費用和日曆,到面試你的第一個學生,這個實踐課程將幫助你開始建立一個成功的音樂教學事業。你將提交三個項目功課 - 它們將指導你完成課程,並確保你擁有立即開始教學的一切所需!

In this ten-week course, I will teach you how to build a successful music teaching career for yourself right from the start. From finding out your teaching style and objectives, to building your own music blog, from setting up studio policy, fees and calendar, to interviewing your first student, this hands-on and practical course will kick start your way to having a great music teaching career. Three projects are to be submitted - they are there to guide you through the course and make sure you have all you need to start teaching immediately!

Student Review: Sharon Yu

I have a dream of promoting erhu music to the world by giving erhu lessons to the people from all parts of the world, and this course fulfils my purpose. It teaches me how to set up a music studio which is very essential to my music business. I like its content as it is easy to follow. Moreover, the lecturer Ms Wong is generous to answer my questions and do the follow up through emails. Therefore, I recommend you to take this course if you want to start your music career from scratch!

Student Review: Kannie Yeung

I’m really thank you to Miss Wong.

I have finished the 2 courses (How to build a successful music teaching studio course & Piano teacher training course L1) held by Miss Wong. Why I take these courses? The main reason is that it can be saved my time to learn music online and take the courses anywhere/anytime.

Miss Wong has a good arrangement on the lesson’s video and notes. For example: step by step to let us know how to teach student to play a music phrase … etc. Everything is in a systematic order. She took care of student’s comment after lesson and trying to improve the lesson’s quality to the best one.

I can trust her enthusiastic on teaching and consideration to every student. Finally, I’m happy to get the result of pass on the ‘Piano teacher training course L1’. I wish I can also become the quality teacher in the near future.

Your Instructor


Teresa Wong received her musical training at Hong Kong Baptist University, where she was presented with scholastic awards and graduated with first class in Piano Performance (B.A. Music). She was also awarded with the Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music in Piano Performance (LRSM). She pursued further studies at Indiana University Jacobs School of Music, graduated with a Master degree of Music in Piano Performance, with special interests in Piano Pedagogy and Choral Conducting.

Miss Teresa has performed and worked with prominent music groups in Hong Kong such as the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Opera Hong Kong Company and Hong Kong Children’s Choir. She has performed as a soloist and a collaborative musician at various local public venues and concert halls, as well as recorded solo and chamber music programs for RTHK Radio Four.

Miss Teresa has participated in well-renowned music festivals, and performed frequently as a soloist, accompanist and chamber musician in Europe, North America, and the Greater China.

Her latest performance engagement includes several concert appearances in China and France.

As a versatile pianist, Miss Teresa is also very passionate about her teaching. She was an adjunct lecturer (performance coach) at Hong Kong Baptist University and a teaching assistant (musicology) at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. But in order to follow her passion in private piano teaching, Miss Teresa started to venture out on her own and realize many of her adventurous ideas, from building a charity organization to a boutique piano school to educate the general public, as well as mentoring other teachers to raise the general standard of teaching. Other than teaching, Miss Teresa also loves organizing creative music concerts for her students and fellow musicians to participate in and share with others the joy and beauty of music.

Miss Teresa is the first person to develop iPhone applications to train music aural ability specifically for ABRSM music exams. She is also the author of Piano Freedom, Technique Transformation Piano Exercise Book, and Music on Wings: Piano Beginner Coursebooks.

Miss Teresa believes that music connects people, and the best way to enjoy it is to make it!


香港浸會大學鋼琴演奏一級榮譽音樂學士(主修鋼琴演奏), 皇家音樂學院的高級鋼琴演奏文憑 LRSM.


她最近出版的新書包括: Piano Freedom, 鋼琴技巧改造練習曲 (Technique Transformation: Piano Exercise Book), 和鋼琴初階課程系列 (學生練習冊和教師教學冊) (Music on Wings: Piano Beginner Course Book Series (Student Practice Guides and Teacher Instruction Guide Books)。

網址: TERESA WONG PIANO: http://www.teresawong.hk

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/wwwteresawonghk

Facebook: TERESA WONG PIANO: http://www.facebook.com/TeresaWongPiano/

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